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Did you know?

Contrary to rumour, it is perfectly safe to eat Pacific oysters at any time of the year. The story of "only when there is a 'R' in the month", applies to the Native oyster as it keeps its baby oysters within its shell, whereas the Pacific oyster emits its eggs straight out to sea!

In warmer waters the Pacifics become 'milky' during the summer months and are not so appealing to eat. However, in Scotland our cooler summers do not encourage the Pacifics to spawn so they are tasty throughout the year ........... Good news for us farmers!

rows of oyster bags - you can just see hugo driving out to work the tide

Through Facebook I read this quote, 'A friend asked a very classy looking elderly lady from New Orleans whether oysters should be chewed and her reply was, "Young man, cultured people always chew their food."' So now we know!

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