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Hello from Virginia USA. We are planning a trip to Scotland, Oban & Loch Lomand areas, looking at all the info i can and trying to figure the best summer month to come. And OH! we love oysters!!!
Posted by Gayle MacDougall on 12 September 2011
Hi - I wonder if you have been to Scotland yet? Certainly coming up the west coast of Scotland is the best place to be if you like seafood - there are plenty of wonderful restaurants in Oban - the seafood capital of Scotland!
Posted by Caledonian Oysters on 16 November 2011
We finally scheduled the trip! will be in Oban eating oysters Sept 8-12!
Posted by Gayle MacDougall on 12 June 2012
Hi Gayle! Great news - and as a MacDougall are you visiting Dunollie as well as visiting our numerous seafood restaurants? Unfortunately, we will be away on those dates, otherwise I would have been happy to show you round the oyster farm. If you want any more info re: Oban just ask!
Posted by Judith on 15 June 2012
Salut tonton gogo!
You'll never guess where I am...I am sitting at your cousin Nik's table with his family and showing them pictures of everybody and oban. We all say Hi, how much is a t-shirt ? Nik wants to know.
Bye Bye
Mai xxx
Posted by Maiwenn on 02 August 2010
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